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Fun4Two's Swingers Sunday!

Swingers Sunday
Swingers Sunday is a night out where like-minded people meet each other on Sunday in a pleasant, safe and '' home-like 'environment, the # 1 Swingers Club of the Netherlands Fun4two. Below we give you an overview of what SWINGERS SUNDAY exactly means:
PLEASE NOTE: you can't stay home for this !!
1) New entrance fee of € 85 per set of All Inclusive
2) No registration fee of 20 euros for new members
3) A nice swingers evening for like-minded people
4) Dresscode lingerie at 7:00 PM
5) 100% sex guarantee
6) Unlimited food in our Top restaurant
7) All drinks from the house
8) Relaxed music
9) Enjoy our beautiful wellness such as Sauna * Turkish steam bath * Whirlpool * Tantra temple
10) Simply everything, a whole evening long (7 hours Funnen) 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm.

*Pay attention! Not valid on public holidays, pool parties & garden parties.

Do you already have it? Always nice, save for a free entrance !!! Fun4Two, extremely exciting!


Fun4Two FunTime News 96!


I bought a ticket for your party, what should I do?

To make a quick settlement possible, we request that you keep your E-TICKET + membership card or registration number ready at the entrance.
Your tickets will be sent to you as a .pdf document. To print this, you must have the most recent .pdf program and a properly installed printer.
If you do not have this, you can also print your tickets at a print shop.

Pay attention! Please note that the barcode on the ticket must be scanned.
Therefore, make sure that it is visible on your printed ticket.
The barcodes on the e-Tickets are unique and are therefore only issued once.

When scanning, the central system checks whether the ticket is valid.
This is immediately shown in our computer system. At the same time the ticket is invalidated.
This way it is not possible to go in again with (a copy) of the ticket.

Photos, Screenshots or a copy of your ticket is NOT valid!
Only the original E-TICKET is valid. You need to download this via your computer or mobile phone.
Payment receipts are not enough! We must then find out and check when the payment has been made. This means that you have to wait a long time at the entrance.

E-tickets can also be scanned from a mobile phone.
* We request that you download the maps on your phone in advance.
* Photos, Screenshots or a copy of your ticket is NOT valid!
* Set the brightness of your phone as high as possible.

Stamping for Free Entrance!


Action conditions
This stamp card is personal by d. your membership number.

You will receive 1 stamp for each visit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

With 10 stamps you have a full savings card.

You are entitled to 1 free entry for 2 persons when you hand in a full savings card.
  This free entrance is only valid on Sundays.

After submitting a full savings card, it is not immediately started with the next stamp.
   This happens at the next visit.

This promotion runs from February 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020.
   Full cards can not be returned after this date.

A full card can not be exchanged for cash.

Refund is not possible.

The promotion is not valid in combination with other actions.

Fun4Two is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of the card.

Max 1 card per submission.

A full stamp card can not be exchanged on pool parties and public holidays.

Fun4Two reserves the right to refuse strippenkaarten that do not meet the conditions or that it fraudulent.

If the stamp card is forgotten, you will not receive a stamp!

Fun4Two reserves the right to extend, change or terminate the promotion at any time without notice or reason, without obligation or compensation to the participant.

Fun4two decides in all disputes not covered by these conditions.

For ambiguities and questions you can always contact us.


Fun4Two Upcoming Events 2020














































DECEMBER 11, 12 & 13


Fun4Two Webshop.

fun4two hardcorenightLAUNCH OF THE FUN4TWO'S WEBSHOP!
Most of you already know, of course, the Exclusive parties & themes in Fun4two are usually sold out quickly. Ticket sales were made via external ticket shops. The service costs that have been calculated to our customers are disproportionate and have made us decide to take the ticket sale in-house. You see the Fun4two never sits still and we will do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for our guests. Below you will find the possibilities which Fun4two offers you through our webshop.

1) Both members and non-members can buy tickets for our Special events & Exclusive theme parties
2) Only Active members can buy a ticket for HARDCORE editions which we organize 4x a year
3) Soon it will be possible for both members and non-members tickets to buy for the upcoming weekend and avoid long queues at the entrance!
4) It will soon be possible to purchase various merchandise items buy through our webshop
5) Soon it will be possible to have one of our accommodations books through our webshop
6) Soon it will be possible to buy gift cards through our Online store

Please note that when registering and / or ordering in our webshop, you have correctly filled in the e-mail address you wish to use for receiving the tickets.
For errors in your e-mail address no tickets can be sent! Please check yourself well !!

For the first time to Fun4Two.


We come for the first time to Fun4two how does it work and what can we expect?

How nice that you are interested to visit our club. First of all, welcome and thank you for choosing Parenclub Fun4two. As a first time is obviously very exciting! What we least know for sure is that you can very quickly feel at home.

How is it really all work? Read this as quietly so that you get a good impression. Look also at our question and answer page for frequently asked questions.

The first step that you already made in viewing our website. Is it you like it and dare you to come then we go a step further.

New members, we advise to visit the reserve and register online via PC, laptop or tablet, this prevents a longer interval of 45-60 minutes at the entrance.

On Saturday, reservation required, this is because it can be very busy and it happens regularly that the club is fully booked, hence to avoid disappointment. 
The cost of registration and membership card is € 20,-. Once reserved and registered you see on the screen a booking number that begins with R. We ask you to write this song, or create a photo, print it is also possible, and then take them to the club.

Read more here!

Fun4Two weekly theme nights!

fun4two cleopatra

For your first introduction to Fun4Two run as smoothly as possible, we want to introduce you to the different programs on different nights. As you know we are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That every night has a totally different atmosphere, a fact that is not known to anyone.

But what is the evening when you feel most at home? Single women are always welcome!

Every Friday of the month a special theme night.

The first Friday of the month is our Gigolo night.

This evening we invite a few (about 15) nice, good-looking boys that are recognizable by their black bow tie. This home-escorts are available for free from the present stellen.Wanneer there (to your taste) is a fun gigolo in, then made contact as and when you wish you can experience exciting adventures with the three on the upper floor. All escorts are always recognizable by their bow tie and are only to plezieren.Indien your existing pairs have no interest then this will in no way affect your evening in one of these escorts because there are many couples just like you looking to be another nice couple..

The second Friday of the month is our Little Bi Night.
On this night there are many couples who take their Fun4Two Bit Bi-girlfriend (the girlfriend has this evening free admission) .So this evening there are usually more women than men in the club. You have a nice girlfriend, take her along. If you would like to make contact with the girlfriends of the other couples present this is a very appropriate entry avond.Bij we mitres a colored wristband so that the Bit Bi-women (and men) are easily recognizable.

The third Friday of the month is Fun's thrilling All-Night!
Fun's spectacular mix of all themes together ... for everyone. Are you Bi, especially coming! An additional boyfriend or girlfriend to make it quite exciting? Tasty Gigolos ... Spontaneous sex on the dance floor dancing with that nice man or woman? It can all this evening ... or "just" good for couples or other couple enjoying each other? Come on in, the more people, the more fun! This can only happen in Fun4Two! And that only 100 per couple. You want to "take one extra girlfriend or boyfriend, then you pay for this night only 50 euros extra! Oh, your boyfriend must of course look good.

The last Friday of the month is our (S)expert night!

This evening is a concept in sex loving the Netherlands. It is the evening that experienced swingers look forward to. So a super hot evening for the real doers among our guests. Everyone is, of course, welcome at Fun4Two, but it can get pretty intense. For beginning swingers this may be a tad too intense. We advise the cat from the tree viewers to choose a different evening. Upon arrival, change immediately, the ladies go in beautiful lingerie, sexy dresses, party clothing such as lacquer, leather etc. is not allowed on this evening! The gentlemen wear a nice boxer and we advise to wear slippers. Wearing a shirt is not allowed. Sex is allowed everywhere on this evening (except in the restaurant)! After 22:30 am delicious sultry erotic music. Easy contact on the dance floor with the many shuffling sets around you. If you would like to enjoy as much sex as possible together or with others, then this is the evening. Experience it once, try it?
Come along and experience it, but book early! (S) EXPERTNIGHT in Fun4Two every last Friday of the month from 21:00 to 03:00.

When a month has 5 Fridays!
If a month has 5 Fridays, our new theme HARDCORE NIGHT will take place on the last of the month.The club completely converted as a porno set, perfectly decorated. But HARDCORE NIGHT is an evening only for ACTIVE MEMBERS. This way we keep the strength of this theme very strong! With Hardcore porn * Live shows * HARDCORE NIGHT has become the best, busiest and most popular Friday night! An evening that one will not find anywhere in the Netherlands! This is what people are looking for! HARDCORE NIGHT is an evening that is not meant for softies or only viewers! HARDCORE NIGHT is unbeatable!
Pay attention!!! All previous editions were sold out quickly !!! I.v.m. the huge interests for this event are tickets online and through door sales (if not sold out) available.



On Saturday we have a surprise cocktail at the bar.

During the Saturday evening we usually organize any special themes, but we have a surprise cocktail at the bar. The Saturday is always the busiest. It often happens that the club is fully booked! Reservations are therefore required, partly to avoid disappointment.

The audience consists mainly this evening well kept set between 20 and 50 years. They really come from around the world! The international audience is to make contact with other couples and to experience a thrilling evening. Many of these contacts occur or continue in the erotic rooms on our top floor. Furthermore, our TOP DJ spins the latest DANCE music that lay beside the contact and swinging is plenty of dancing.

Several times a year we organize on Saturday our Exclusive Parties. 
They are always sold out a great success and in NO TIME. That EXCLUSIVE festivals Fun4Two particularly - exciting - erotic festival is evidenced by the huge interest in previous editions. Gorgeous decorations - the best DJs - the most beautiful people, form the backdrop of unprecedented celebrations. All 400 or 500 cards from all editions are sold out far in advance in no time. Tickets are on social media eg. Market sold for higher prices. Something which has never occurred in the history of Fun4two. 
On Saturday, reservation required, this is because it can be very busy. 
Fun4Two is open on Saturdays from 21:00 to 04:00.




On the last Sunday afternoon / evening you can enjoy our house singer Desiree.

On the last Sunday afternoon / evening of the month you can experience our house singer Desiree. On holidays we book another excellent live singers.

Besides the music by our DJ plays Desiree brings you already very much in the mood. She is from a young age already started to sing, and to this day she still does today with Dr. quite heart and soul. And she likes to pleasen people with Dr warm powerful voice. From ballads to soul, funk and disco is nothing her crazy!

These events provide a particularly attractive nightclub mood which makes it even easier to make contact with other couples. On this night, there is a very diverse represented age group (between 25 and 65 years) and this very varied ages ensuring that lovely relaxed atmosphere.

During the summer you can use our lovely garden and poolside terrace. ...
And if it is really nice summer we will open at 14:00 again. 

Fun4Two swingers club is open on Sundays from 16:00 to 23:00.


The Men's Company

Would you prior to your visit to ensure all Fun4two exclusive stylish and attractive male or female company, you can at High Class Escort agency The Men's Company specialized books gigolo.

Restaurant Fun4Two

Our Restaurant.

Many people call the restaurant one of our specialties. In our restaurant you can enjoy a drink or delicious dinner and dessert. The dishes on our menu are fresh and prepared with passion by our chefkok.Wanneer you cook and serve with heart and soul, from your feelings, everything is indeed special. The atmosphere, stylish interior and the view of the dance floor makes this restaurant the place to be to enjoy culinary. The flavors of Fun4two. do not hesitate to try them. It is open during restaurant hours.

You immediately have a nice view.
During the summer months, our garden, the famous pool / garden parties at the center of the club. If the weather gods are on our side then club on Sunday already opened at 14:00* So no traffic jams, plenty of parking and be pampered to your own private pool with a delicious sangria or an icy rosé.En natural snacks, fruit, tasty BBQ music and much, much more!